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The highest level in the development of something;
the pinnacle or climax.


About Our Family

Apogee Dance Academy strives to achieve the highest level of development in our dancers. We work to provide quality instruction to our students while not only improving their talent but also instilling character. In offering classes for both the recreational and competitive dancer, we encourage the use of dance as both a discipline and a guide to living a healthy lifestyle. Our business ensures a comfortable environment that allows students to cultivate their talent safely, and to the best of their ability. Under the guidance of the most knowledgeable and creative staff in the area, dancers will grow and gain an extensive education in the art of dance. We pride ourselves on raising the bar for quality dance education in the state of Connecticut.

My three daughters have been dancing at Apogee since the studio opened almost 10 years ago and two have recently joined the competitive team. During their years as recreational dancers, they grew to love their teachers and made friends that they are still close with. As competitive dancers, my girls have learned perseverence, diligence, discipline, resilience, and set goals for themselves weekly.  Never once have any of them said that they don't want to go to dance, and they continue to grow strong in their technique and love for their teammates.

-Kristin B

Come for dance, stay for family.



At Apogee we all work together maintaining common goals and interests. We strive to provide a familial environment supporting one another in endeavors both in and out of the studio. We hope our dancers leave with lifelong friends and believe in our first main goal:

Come for dance, stay for family. 


Both our recreational and competitive programs provide an outlet for our dancers to explore and innovate through creative movement. Dance is its own language that works to demonstrate emotions and feelings that sometimes can not be found with words. We inspire individuality and creativity so our dancers have have no creative limits within our studio walls. 

If you can dream it, you can do it.



In the hustle and bustle of todays world it is sometimes hard to instill positive values within our youth. We work hard to demonstrate the importance of hard work and determination through the art of dance. It is important to persevere and have the support to do so, which our staff happily provides. We encourage commitment which can be seen in our 80% retention. This strongly supports our third goal:

We not only create great dancers, we create amazing humans.

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