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One Team. One Family.

Apogee Dance Academy strives to achieve the highest level of development in our dancers. We work to provide quality instruction to our students while not only improving their talent but also instilling character. We encourage the use of dance as both a discipline and a guide to living a healthy lifestyle. An emphasis is placed on time management, self advocacy and determination.

Our commitment to our athletes is unparalleled, and we establish a supportive, family-like atmosphere for all members. We are dedicated to their growth and success, providing them with the tools and resources to become the best dancers they can be. We value the commitment of time and effort that each of our dancers put in, as our Extreme Team works diligently to be at the highest level of excellence in their craft. We have an incredible range of programs, from our first nugget team to our nationally award winning extreme team. We pride ourselves on being there every step of the way from the first time they hit the competition stage until high school graduation day.

Come experience the joy of dance as a part of our competition family! 


Apple Harvest Parade

Each year our team has to opportunity to dance in the Southington Apple Harvest Parade! We love the opportunity to show our town spirit and get out into the community!


Competition & Nationals

Each season our team participates in 4 regional competitions and one national competition. These are performance opportunities that allow our dancers to learn and grow.


Big/Little Mentorship Program

One of the most important components of our team is mentorship. We have an annual big/little reveal that creates friendships to last a lifetime. These dancers guide and support one another throughout their dance careers.

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