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2020-21 Policies and Procedures

  • Apogee's studio calendar year runs from September 8th 2019- May 30th, 2021.

  • Our 7th annual showcase will be held Sunday May 23rd at the Simsbury Performing Arts Center

  • All communication is sent via email; please keep a current address on file in the office!

  • Tuition will be paid by the 10th day of the month from September to May.

  • The studio will be closed for major holidays and school vacations; see calendar here.see our monthly calendar.


Students are asked to arrive early to ensure they are in class on time. Warm up is an essential part of dance training and these guidelines are made for the dancer’s safety and benefit. Should a child have to be absent to class please inform the studio by telephone (860)628-8998  or e-mail Excessive absences will not be tolerated and disciplinary action is at the discretion of the Artistic Director, Alexandria Puglisi.



All dancers must refer to class guidelines and dress codes as listed on our website All required items are the same required for our 2019 showcase. Students that do not come to class prepared may be excused from class for the day.  


BEHAVIOR AND CONDUCT Students are required to show proper classroom conduct (including timelines, dress code, proper behavior and respect for fellow dancers and instructors.) Should dancers not adhere to these guidelines, teachers may ask the dancer to sit out of class or be referred to the Artistic Director for further action. Apogee Dance Academy, LLC has a zero tolerance policy for bullying or improper touching of any kind. Should dancers or family members not obey these guidelines dancers may be asked to leave the academy forfeiting any tuition paid up to the date of the occurrence.

NOTIFICATION OF PERSONAL RISK Dance classes use various levels of physical effort. Every precaution is taken to avoid and prevent injury. However, participants and parents/guardians must be aware of the inherent risks or bodily injury that can result from dance. 


POLICY OF PERSONAL PROPERTY AND VALUABLES Apogee Dance Academy, LLC is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of personal property. Dancers are asked to use athletic/dance bags for personal belongings to be kept in the designated waiting area. 


PAYMENTS Registration and tuition fees are non-refundable. Late payments will result in a $20.00 charge if not paid within 10 days of the due date (first of the month). Class tuition is billed monthly and expected to be paid by the 10th of the month. Tuition fees are based upon a 9 month schedule, which include holidays and a pre-set amount of snow days. No credits will be given. By enrolling your dancer, you are committing to a 9 month dance season. Dancers that unenroll in classes after January 1st will be responsible for the remainder of the year’s tuition. 


HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT I agree to hold harmless Apogee Dance Academy, LLC against any and all injuries, costs, losses, damages and expenses (including attorney’s fees) which I or any member of my family might suffer from participation in any class, production, rehearsal or event of any kind or character without limitation.

I understand I am waiving any claims, liens, demands or causes of action, which I may now or in the future possess against Apogee Dance Academy, LLC arising out of or in any way related to my participation in any class, production, rehearsal or event of any kind or character without limitation.


NO DRAMA CLAUSE Our goal at Apogee Dance Academy is to help each dancer reach their highest potential. To do so, we must have mutual respect for one another and the creative process. All dancers and their family members are responsible for their words, actions and behaviors. Please understand that disciplinary action such as suspension or dismissal may be taken at the Artistic Directors discretion. 

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